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tHE tIME-sAVING TOOL FOR easily cutting through insulation materials & more!

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Insulation Saw

# INK-1

Insul-Knife® is one of those time-saving tools you will wonder how you ever lived without. It's razor-sharp steel blade is perfect for cutting sponge foam, cutting insulation, preparing and sizing insulation, cutting pipe insulation, and trimming insulation around doors and windows.  And its saw-like design keeps your hands free from irritating fibers!

CUTS: Fiberglass • Styrofoam • Blue Jean Cotton • Foam Pipe

• Mineral Wool • Cellulose • Spray Foam  & more!

Keep your Insul-Knife Razor Sharp with the last knife sharpener

you'll ever need

Keep your Insul-Knife razor-sharp with this handy blade sharpener.  Just run the sharpener down the length of the blade to restore the cutting edge.

Good for hundreds of uses!

Image of Insul-Sharp Insul-knife blade sharpener
Cepco Tool Insul-Sharp blade sharpener keeps Insul-Knife blades razor sharp
Cepco Tool Company Insul-Sharp blade and knife sharpener



Blade Sharpener

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