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Cepco Tool Company was formed in 1992 with a simple invention called the BoWrench® Deck Tool. This product has revolutionized the manner in which decking installation is carried out. It offers the builder a savings in time, labor, and stress which in turn increases profits. It is indisputably the best tool for decking installation. Currently, this product is available throughout the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, and Japan.


Shortly after the development of the BoWrench®, a line of accessories emerged which expanded this tool’s field of application furthering its usefulness for the builder. The accessories include the Adjustable-Joist-Gripper, the 1x and 2x T-n-G Cams for tongue and groove installation over open frame construction, and the Homewrecker™ adjustable tweaking and twisting attachment.


The demand expressed by our customers for a similar tool for hardwood flooring installation over a subfloor brought about yet another invaluable product, the QuikJack® Hardwood Flooring Jack. These one of a kind tools are simplifying builders lives worldwide.


The QuikJack® then led us into the rescue field with the Res-Q-Jack® Vehicle Stabilization Systems. We take great pride in building a good product. We feel even better about making a product that not only performs a task better, quicker, and more economically, but assists in saving lives as well.


Other products in our line include the Insul-Knife®, Dec-Klip® hidden decking fasteners, and others to come. Visit us often, you are sure to see something new on a regular basis. We will continue to develop new products of value for our customer. Rest assured our products are the best at performing their designated functions. If there were a better product out their we would not make our product. Without a doubt, we make the "right tool for the job".


In addition to making great tools, we maintain the slimmest margins possible when determining pricing. We not only want you to know we make great tools, but we make them affordable, regardless of how much more valuable they truly are. At Cepco Tool Company, we realize that our customers’ satisfaction dictates our future, and we have seen nothing but continued growth from day one, and see no end to expansion. We are here to help you - our business demands it.


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