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• Works left or right-handed  •  reconfigure to push or pull boards

• modular design accepts many accessories for different projects

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Includes our universal gripper

and tongue & groove combi cam

Cepco Tool Company Universal Bowrench on deck joist
Bowrench Decking Tool

tHE original one-man, self-locking board bender and tongue & groove joining tool

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This is our flagship product made especially for easily bending deck boards, eliminating crown and creating a flush space between boards.  Just slip the BoWrench® Gripper over the joist and slide the handle until it locks in place! The Bowrench® frees up your hands while holding the board on its own!


# BW-2

Decking Tool

Cepco Tool Company Monster Bowrench decking and dock tool

This BoWrench is a MONSTER.  Designed to bend boards 3" thick or thicker, the Monster BoWrench is the tool of choice for dock work and heavy-duty decking.  The tool boasts an adjustable gripper that covers joist widths from 2.5" to 10.5", and fixed cams for pushing and pulling boards.  Measures 44" in length.

MONSTER Bowrench®

# BW-1

Decking Tool

Product photo of Universal Bowrench Decking Tool
Product Photo of Cepco Tool Universal Adjustable Gripper for Bowrench

The same basic tool as our Original BoWrench, but with the addition of our Adjustable Gripper and Combi Cam.  The adjustable gripper extends with a thumb screw to accommodate joists up to 6 inches wide. The two-sided Combi Cam contains a groove on each side for 1x and 2x tongue and groove boards.

Universal Bowrench®

# BW-90

Decking Tool

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